Jeunes Chefs En Mission

Jeunes Chefs en Mission is a dynamic television series that showcase our young chefs who are taking part in the Culinary Brigades program in high schools all across Canada.

Each episode, one of the school’s brigade is giving a culinary mission of a social manner and they will have to cook a recipe for a cause that is close to their heart. Our host, Marina Bastarache is guiding our young chefs in this adventure so that they achieve their mission while having fun. It will not be an easy task as the young chefs will have a short amount of time to accomplish their mission and do so by succeeding at their three criteria evaluated by our professional guest chef. Local producers will also be solicited as our culinary mission always include fresh regional products.

The show also puts in light the creativity of the young chefs, their sense of organization and mutual aid. More than a cooking show, Jeunes Chefs en Mission will highlight characteristics of each region while showcasing the honorable young chefs by giving them tools to proudly contribute in their community.

13 x 30 minutes